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Flat Web Design: The Future of User Interface Design?

Flat Web design is an evolving trend of User Interface (UI) design in the majority of online and mobile applications. It is rapidly gaining popularity among many website designers.

Flat Web Design – What is it?

It is a simpler approach used in UI design. It uses simpler UI elements than the skeuomorphic designs that use 3D effects, glossy images, fancy shadows or bevels and edge effects. Flat web design brings out a noticeable differentiation between the objects and technology, providing a crystal clear view of the UI elements without the jazzy effects.

It focuses more on usability and is pretty straight-forward. The design elements feature a lot of open and clean space, solid bright colors, crisp edges, and flat or 2-dimensional icons. All the animations and flashy designs have been eradicated, thus improving the speed, response time, and loading time of the websites.

Flat Web Design–Prominent Users

Most web designers prefer a clean and simple approach that provides the user with a better experience. This design approach is welcomed by most business websites as it does not overload the system and, therefore, improves the performance. This directly or indirectly paves way to the success of the business.

Microsoft was one of the first companies to adopt this design in its user interfaces. Gradually over the years, many websites have joined them and moved over to this design, including SpellTower, BuildWindows, KickFolio,, Plover, Rdio, and Osborn Barr. The technocrats like Google and Windows have already pitched in to revolutionize this approach to web design; indicating that it is the emerging trend and the future of UI design.

Google has used this type of design in their resources and sites catalog. GoogleNow has gotten rid of the static icons and replaced them with simpler designs resembling cards, similar to Android. Implementation of this design approach in Windows 8 has made it very efficient and makes it a smart choice in end user products like PCs, Notebooks, mobile phones, Smartphones, and touchscreen devices. The upcoming Apple Product, iOS7, also uses this interface design without the heavy drop shadows, reflections, etc.

Flat Web Design – Positives

There are many positive factors for Flat Web Design. Among those, the major reasons for choosing this design approach include:

  • Focus on content – the sole purpose of any website is to market a product, service, or emphasize communication.
  • Simplicity
  • Efficient and responsive – The time it takes to load websites with this UI design is minimized and also accessible from mobile phones.
  • Clear marketing – Less complex while still attractive, drawing more internet users.
  • Easy navigation